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22. Weltkongress der AIMS – Der nächste Weltkongress der AIMS findet vom 6. bis 8. September 2018 in Tallinn (EST) statt.

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Der nächste Weltkongress der AIMS findet vom 6. bis 8. September 2018 in Tallinn (EST) statt.

Elf deutscheLaufveranstaltungen, acht schweizer – und fünf österreichische Veranstaltungen  sind Mitglied bei AIMS.

Die große AIMS Laufsportfamilie kommt in Tallinn zusammen. Es sind inzwischen rd. 450 Laufsportveranstaltungen (darunter New York, Boston, Chicago, Tokyo, London und Berlin) aus über 100 Ländern, die sich austauschen, Rreden zuhören und neue Mitglieder des AIMS-Board wählren.

Horst Milde

A dedicated website is available at:

Registrations can be made online at:

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Original Sokos Hotel Viru:
Arrival of Delegates
20.00-22.00 Scandiavian and Baltic Marathons dinner

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Original Sokos Hotel Viru:
09.00-09.30     Official opening and welcome words of the 22nd World Congress of AIMS
09.30-09.50     AIMS Progress Report by Paco Borao
09.50-10.00     AIMS Childrens Series Report by Martha Morales
10.00-10.10     AIMS Marathoneum Report by Horst Milde
10.10-10.20     AIMS Communications Report by Frank Baillie
10.20-10.30     AIMS Events Report by Makis Asimakopoulus
10.30-10.45     AIMS Financial Report by Al Boka

10.45-11.15     Coffee break

11.15-12.00     Presentation: Andrew Horsewood, Senior Analyst, Sportcal: “Evaluating the value of hosting sporting events”
12.00.-12.30    Presentation: Tallinn City and Tourism authorities: The value of the Tallinn Marathon to the city economy
12.30-13.00     Panel discussion and questions

13.00-14.30     Lunch

14.30-15.30     Interactive session: sub-groups to consider how their ‘type’ of Marathon (big/capital city, touristic/rural location, etc) may be valued differently, but according to a ‘unified methodology’ (explored in initial presentation)
15:30-16:00    Reports-back from discussion groups

16.00-16.30     Coffee break

16.30-17.30     Bids for hosting the 23rd World Congress of AIMS

National Opera Estonia:
20.00-23.00     Official Welcome Dinner: ’100 years of the Republic of Estonia’

Friday, 7 September 2018

Original Sokos Hotel Viru:
08.30-09.30     Changes to Articles of AIMS and voting

09.30-10.00     Presentation of electoral candidates
10.00-10.30     AIMS Partner presentations – SEGAS/Makis Asimakopoulos

10.30-11.00     Coffee break

11.00-11.45     AIMS Partner presentations – Health, followed by R-bies/Runnet, Marathon-Photos and Medal Lasser
11.45-12.15     T-shirt and medals presentation/discussion. Awards to be made before closing
12:15-13:00    Presentation: Stacey Conley, former President of Conley Sports Productions: Making the Most of Marketing: Increasing Women’s Participation in Running Events.

13.00-14.15     Lunch break

14.15-15.00     Presentation: George Kazantzopoulos, President, Institute Team for the World: Greening the Running movement
15:00-15.45    Michael Nishi, General Manager, Bank of America Chicago Marathon Event Safety-Security: Best Practices

15.45-16.15     Coffee break

16.15-17.00     Presentation: Chris Troyanos, Endurance Medicine Outcomes and Global Weather Changes “A tale of two heat strokes”

Freedom Square, Tallinn:
19.00               Tallinn Marathon 2018: Welcome Run 5km START

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Original Sokos Hotel Viru:
08.30-09.00     Short Recap of Bids for Candidates of next Congress
09.00-09.30     Voting and results
09.30-10.00     Election of President and Board Members
10.00-10.30     Voting and results
10.30-11.00     Closing Remarks by Secretary and President

11.00-11.30     Short break before gathering in hotel lobby
11.30-12.00     Walk from the hotel to the Town Hall (600m)

City Hall in Old Town:
12.00-12.15     Group Photo at the Old Town Hall
12.15-12.45     AIMS Board Press Conference
12.45-14.15     Post Congress Board Meeting
12.30-14.00     Short Old Town Tour for Delegates

14.15-14.30     gathering at the Old Town Hall and walk to the Mayor’s reception (250m)

Reception by Mayor in Old Town:
14.30-16.00     Reception by Tallinn’s mayor & lunch

Freedom Square, Tallinn:
16.30               Opening ceremony for Tallinn Marathon 2018
17.00               Tallinn Marathon 2018: 10 km START
18.30               10 km Award ceremony
Free night for delegates

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Freedom Square, Tallinn:
09.00               42,2 km Tallinn Marathon 2018 START (including Estonian Championship)
10.45               21,1 km Tallinn Marathon 2018 START
14.00               Award ceremony

Seaplane Harbour:
20.00-23.59   Farewell Reception

Monday, 10 September 2018

Delegates depart

23rd World Congress of AIMS

Any member intending to submit a bid to host the 23rd World Congress of AIMS, to be held sometime between March 2020 and February 2021, should ensure that they have returned the completed forms to the AIMS Secretary ( by 21 August. After this date no further submissions will be accepted.

AIMS Patron Message

The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) fully supports the ‘Athens Marathon. The Authentic’, recognising not only its unique value but all the symbolisms the Marathon encapsulates as well. Thousands of athletes participate in the Authentic Athens Marathon in Greece, a 365-days-per-year destination, and experience the Greek Light, Greek Gastronomy, and Greek Culture. Those participants are the greatest ambassadors and the most loyal friends of Greece.

Proposed Changes to the Articles of Association

The Board of Directors of AIMS are proposing that some changes to the Articles of Association are made at the Tallinn World Congress. These have been circulated separately to members in the last few days according to the current membership list.

If you have not received this information directly then please contact the Secretary at

IIRM – International Institute of Race Medicine

AIMS’ partners IIRM publish three medical journals per year. These are available to members of AIMS.

The last two journals published are:
Fall/Winter 2017:
Spring 2018:

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