#AthletesHealthFirstTeamGER – German elite marathon runners start petition to avoid heat race at European Championships in Munich 2022
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Prevent dangerous heat marathon at the 2022 European Championship in Munich, change starting times - Photo: photorun.net

#AthletesHealthFirstTeamGER – German elite marathon runners start petition to avoid heat race at European Championships in Munich 2022

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High temperatures during endurance events have been a hot topic in recent years, with extremely warm marathons at Commonwealth Games, European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

It came as a big surprise that European Athletics (EA) and European Championships, who will stage the continental championships in Munich this summer, have released 10.30 am (Women) and 11.30 am (Men) starting times for the marathon. Both events are scheduled for 15th August.

German runners and coaches are upset and reacted angrily. They then joined together and started an online petition which is supported by German Road Races (GRR), Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband (DLV) and others.

The petition can be supported here: https://chng.it/qhyDJLcH

Asked for a statement EA and European Championships replied: “… First of all, the health and safety of the athletes is our main priority. Of course, potential climate related risks with adverse impact on the health of the athletes were considered. The Organising Committee together with European Athletics has analysed relevant historical data including key components of WBGT index (e.g. temperature, humidity, wind, median global solar irradiation, etc.).

Based on this analysis, we could see different patterns of the weather conditions mid-August in Munich, at different times of the day. The general trend is that the WBGT conditions are acceptable, without significant risks for the health of athletes, if the marathons are held at the times currently set in the schedule. …“

The 30 year average max/min temperatures for Munich are given as 24 and 14 C. In the past two years Munich’s temperature on 15th August was slightly above 30 C (2021) and 27 C (2020). These are all shade temperatures, in the sun they will be considerably higher. In city marathons temperatures above 20 Celsius are generally regarded as very warm and a heat race when it is sunny. The local organiser of the ECH marathon races, which is the organising team of the annual Munich Marathon, had recommended early morning or late evening start times.

By coincidence average max/min temperatures in Oregon (US), the venue of the WCH, seem to be very similar in July to the ones in Munich a month later. World Athletics has set marathon starting times  at 6.15 am for both races.

German Road Races supports the elite marathon runners and asks for support for their case.

The petition can be signed here: https://chng.it/qhyDJLcH

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#AthletesHealthFirstTeamGER > The Initiators:

Melat Kejeta (6th Olympic Marathon 2021, Half Marathon Vice World Champion 2020).

Amanal Petros (German marathon record holder and 2021 Olympian)

Katharina Steinruck (2021 Olympic marathon participant)

Richard Ringer (2021 Olympic marathon participant)

Deborah Schöneborn (2021 Olympic marathon participant)

Hendrik Pfeiffer (2021 Olympic marathon participant)

Rabea Schöneborn (9th Berlin Marathon 2021)

Philipp Pflieger (2016 Olympic marathon participant)

Fabienne Königstein (European Championship participant 2018)

Simon Boch (1st Dresden Marathon 2021)

Laura Hottenrott (European Championship participant 2018)

Tom Gröschel (EM-participant 2018)

Dominika Mayer (2nd Dresden Half Marathon 2021)

Johannes Motschmann (11th Rotterdam Marathon 2021)

Sebastian Hendel (2nd Hamburg Half Marathon 2021)

Link to the petition:    https://chng.it/qhyDJLcH

German Road Races (GRR) e.V. supports this appeal because it is essential for the lives of the athletes. The EAA officials should also realize this!

Horst Milde (Founder Berlin Marathon, Founder German Road Races)

Photo: photorun.net


author: GRR