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Karlovy Vary - Photo: RunCzech

EuroHeroes is a RunCzech initiative – EuroHeroes Challenge

By GRR 0

I ‚m very pleased to introduce you EuroHeroes – our new initiative which was created to support European Athletics.

EuroHeroes is a RunCzech initiative that was created for three reasons: To make European athletes even more competitive on the world stage. To celebrate the greatness that exists among us. And to generate a fan base for local and regional runners with the hope of inspiring a new generation to follow in their footsteps.

Sports figures like David Beckham or Djokovic are not only great athletes, they are celebrities. They are cultural icons who can make people passionate for the sport of football or tennis. Likewise, we want to make heroes of great European runners. Amazing athletes who deserve to be famous. Who can add even more drama to the sport of running.

Photo: RunCzech

A dream? Of course. But dreams are where reality starts.To fulfill our dream, we have designated four half marathons as EuroHeroes events. Karlovy Vary, Ceske Budejovice, Usti nad Labem and Olomouc. A cluster of races that feature only Europeaneliteathletes within full support and care by European Athletics.And that ́s not all.

We have prepared another surprise for the athletes. EuroHeroes Challenge. The runners’ top 2out of 4 finishes will determine who will be honored at the end of the season as a EuroHero, with the competitive series encouraginglocal fans to follow every step in their quest.To make this happen, we have sacrificed something dear to us.

Four of our IAAF Gold labels, which require that we include elite athletes from the rest of the world. What we did not sacrifice, and what we will never sacrifice is our integrity. Our quality standards. Our dedication to the safety and comfort of our athletes. All of that remains unchanged.Europe had its running heroes once.

Emil Zatopek, Sebastian Coe,Paula Radcliffe, Stefano Baldini. And it will again. With EuroHeroes.

Carlo Capalbo
President of RunCzech Organizing Committee 

author: GRR