The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is in the starting blocks on September 25, 2022
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BMW BERLIN-MARATHON - Foto: © SCC EVENTS/ Norbert Wilhelmi

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is in the starting blocks on September 25, 2022

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A really turbulent season with numerous ups and downs lies behind us. That is similar to a race, which also has different phases.

In the truest sense of the word, what counts in the end in both cases is a happy finish. With #restartrunning and a successful BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, we have demonstrated that SCC EVENTS knows how to organise races. We thus are looking ahead to the coming year full of confidence, and we have come up with something special.

What? You can read about it below. Before that, we would like to thank you again for your wonderful commitment.

A vaccination or recovery rate of 93.8 percent at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 spreads optimism and demonstrates that the endurance sports community has taken a clear stand on protecting one another.


The goal is the same for all of us: to stand at the starting line of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on September 25, 2022 and conquer the streets of Berlin together! The path to getting there – the ROAD TO BERLIN LEGEND – is individual and unique for every BMW BERLIN-MARATHON enthusiast all across the world.Joy, enthusiasm and motivation unite us on this path, which we would like to solidify together with you for the official key visual 2022:

The official graphic, which will accompany us throughout the 2022 season across all social media channels, will be visually formed out of the lines depicting all your favorite courses!Become part of the 2022 Key Visual now by simply uploading the screenshot of your training course from your tracking app here.

The race entry lottery for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON ends soon

After months of deprivation and social distancing, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 has set a decisive milestone. At the world’s largest marathon since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have regained confidence through sport, and their inhibition thresholds have diminished. Basic values such as openness to the world, tolerance and acceptance were lived out.

Do you also want to experience such great moments? Then now is the time to act.

The registration for the lottery for race entries for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2022 ends on December 6, 2021.

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 on the last few meters to the finish line –  Photo: Horst Milde

Sustainability: Drinking Systems Project at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021

In order to obtain tangible results for future environmental protection measures, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 established the drinking system project. We sought athletes who run with their own drinking systems to participate in the project.

The first results are: 88.5% of the runners surveyed would run again with a hydration system and 83.5% would also recommend it to other runners. The arguments for using a hydration system are: Waste avoidance, space for additional things, no intermediate stops, drinking is always possible.

Try it out and help save the environment.

Maybe give it a shot at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON on April 03, 2022!

Source: SCC Events


author: GRR